Friday, May 15, 2009

Picasa photo manager

My computer is finally back! This post isn't about any beauty products, but it's beauty blogging related. Along the way to recovering my laptop, I have discovered an interesting software called Picasa from Google (it came preloaded with my external hard drive). It is the equivalent to Microsoft's Office Picture Manager but better!

Features of Picasa that I liked:

1. The interface is very sleek and intuitive.

Transiting from photo to photo is very smooth. You can see as many thumbnails as you want while looking through albums. I really like being able to control this because depending on what I'm doing, the ability to change the way I see my album (10 vs 30 photos per page) is important to me.

2. Working with albums

You can command it to find all the photos with heads in them. After trying it in a couple of folders, it doesn't work 100%, but I'd say it picked up 75% of heads. I don't know if this function is that to play with though.

There is also a 'create a collage function.' Check out this collage I created in <1 minute.
With one click, it automatically assembled all pictures within an album and made a collage. You can remove photos, change their size and location within the collage easily too.

3. Photo editing

Retouch and straighten photos, sharpen, change the lighting, add text and etc. All of these functions pretty much eliminate my need for photoshop. Not that I use it a lot to begin with, but now I don't need to find a copy again. Remember to press save after you edit a photo. It doesn't do this automatically and it never prompts you to save even though the program shows you have changed the original picture. There are definitely more functions and controls compared to Microsoft's version.

I think Picasa is a great way to manage our increasing number of photo and video albums. Download it for free from this Google's website.

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