Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wondergirls in Toronto

Korean supergroup, the Wondergirls were in town last weekend at the Mod Theatre and I tagged along with my friend H to see them.  We braced ourselves for the screaming teenage fanclub but were happy to be very close to stage due to the intimate setting of a stand-up concert at a small venue.

I don't really follow their music - I know only a handful of songs - but I was really excited to see THE Korean Superstars in person.  They were so beautiful in person.  Their makeup was fabulous and despite seeing their bodies glistening in sweat neck down, their faces were perfect.  And I mean PERFECT.  That makeup was glued to their face.  I wonder products did the trick.  Here are some photos and outfit changes during the 2hr concert:

I'm loving the stud theme

They performed covers for A LOT of songs, including 
Black Eye Peas, Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Were they preemtively celebrating Spain to win the world cup as Octopus Paul predicted?

Everyone looks so angelic and adorable, esp Sohee (left):

Yenny (playing the piano) has a beautiful soul-filled voice:

I wasn't digging this outfit change - very drab

Encore performance of....Nobody nobody....

....but you!

Saying their final farewells to Toronto as best they can in English
I wish they wore more outfits like this.  

They promised to come to Toronto's Roger Center one day to perform.  
If they make it, that'll be quite a jump for them in North America.

"Tell me, tell me" are you a fan?

Thank you H for buying tix and F for awesome photos.


  1. <3 the dresses for the nobody one~
    buuuuut not a fan of the girls overall.
    but I am not a fan of korean pop in general (more so female groups because of the voices...). maybe musically opposites attract for me~
    but its still pretty cool you got to see them so close up~ Im sure you are the envy of many boys out there XD

  2. the balm is in plush~and kitten is yours :) i can't wait to play XD slush!!! XD

  3. Love the pics! They are all so pretty :)

  4. Lucky got to go to their concert!
    I'm hoping I can go next year :]
    Thanks for sharing all the pics ^__^

  5. Lucky girl! My sister was dying to go to this :) Hope you had fun~~ the dresses are really nice, but I'm not into Korean groups (just because they go in and out so quickly ^^)

  6. Lucky! I went and saw them in Chicago with 2PM and they were amazing! :D Hope you had fun ^^

  7. Haha. I didn't know you were a fan! Their music is everywhere!!!!!! especially nobody. I swear there was a point when I feel like shutting down the radio in the mall just because they were playing that song for the 10th time! XD

    I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

  8. LOL Do they have any other songs but "Nobody"? hehe But I still really like that song so I'm a bit jealous they don't visit my city (though I suspect there are too many hicks here to notice XD)

    I love their outfits for "Nobody", such a Dream Girls kind of outfit :)

  9. awesome!
    haha yea, appr. they sang the song so many times that they themselves would like to sing other songs now ^^;;

  10. OOO awesome! i have yet to attend a concert :( isn't that sad? lol they look super pretty, they must have awesome makeup artists and makeup products if there makeup wasn't melting off haha there outfits are super cute too! not too overdone/costumey :)

  11. Dear Bubbles,
    Where da 'eck have you been?!
    Come on now, having a life and a full time job is no excuse!
    We see you, creeping around our blogs, leaving surreptitious little comments. It's high time to post!
    We wanna see your face again!

  12. i love wonder girls!

  13. Ahhh I'm so jealous of you!! haha I am such a big fan of them, but I've never gone to one of their concerts :(